Philosophy of Ministry

The driving force and goal of Colonial Bible Church is the glory of God. We believe that this is the chief end of man, and should be the highest aspiration of the Church. The following are our reasons for doing what we do in striving to accomplish our goal, and thus define us.


1) A High View of God – Is. 42:8; Romans 11:36; I Cor. 10:31

Our life must revolve around the centrality of a transcendent God. When God and His glory are central everything else will fall into its proper place. God is elevated to His proper position when we focus on His character and His works.

2) A Low View of Man – Jn. 3:30; Ps. 103:14

Whenever we seek to elevate ourselves, or our ways, we attack the supremacy of God and eclipse His glory and power to work effectively in our lives. If God is to do His life-changing work in us, it is critical that we humble ourselves under His rule in our lives. We as fallen creatures must place ourselves in the proper place to have the proper view of God.

3) A High View of Scripture – Ps. 19:7-10; Jer. 15:16; II Tim. 3:16-17

The only means by which may know God, and make Him known, is through the revelation of Himself that He has graciously given in the Holy Scripture. Thus the Scripture must play the preeminent role in shaping our worship, beliefs, thoughts, and practices. The Scripture both exalts God and humbles man.

4) A Servant Mentality Toward Others – Phil. 2:5-8; Jn. 15:12

True religion is demonstrated, not merely communicated. The Bible calls us to action by loving and serving others. The inward work of the Word and the Spirit in us leads us to glorify God by serving others in whatever needs we see whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. The servant has no agenda except to do that which his master desires and commands. For the believer we are to emulate our Savior, the Chief Servant, by giving our lives for others.