About Us

Who is Colonial Bible Church?

We’re glad you asked, and we’re glad that you took some time to stop by and visit our website. We hope what you find here will lead to a face to face visit soon! 

We are an imperfect group of sinners who cherish the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. He Himself doing what we could never do for ourselves: living a life without sin, dying to pay the price for our sin, and rising again from the dead to bring us a new life. We aren’t perfect, but by God’s grace, we are growing and changing! 

We are a single-minded people who want to bring honor and glory to our holy God more than anything else. If we don’t do this, nothing else matters. 

We are a hungry people who crave sound doctrine, Biblical teaching, meaningful relationships, and common service to others, so that we might grow to look more like our Lord Jesus.  Take some time look around our website, and get to know us better!