Lord’s Day Worship Service

The pinnacle of our week is the corporate gathering of the church to participate in corporate worship. It is at this time that we as a body participate in song, prayer, the public reading of Scripture, and hearing the Word of God expounded.

Sunday School Classes

Each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. we gather for a time of Christian education as we dig deeper into God’s Word around particular themes and topics.

Grace Notes

Believing that music is a gift from God we take special care in instructing the next generation to make much of this gift. Children are taught rudimentary music theory, as well as songs that worship our Savior each Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m.

Mid-Week Bible Study

After the fellowship meal each week we go in depth to study the Scriptures in a systematic way. At times we study through a book of the Bible, at other times we delve into a doctrinal study, or perhaps a Bible study of some specific topic. The goal is always the same, to be in the Word of God together in an interactive way that instructs, encourages, and challenges us to live for God’s glory.


The Great Commission is a call to live out the Gospel in a global way. Colonial Bible Church participates in missions in many ways. Some go, and some give. Some do both. We participate in various projects at various times having worked with missions projects in our own culture, and cultures the world over to make Christ known.