What to Expect

No one likes to be surprised when visiting a new church, so we want to put you at ease as to what you can expect when you visit us.

Expect to Be Appreciated

We promise not to embarrass you, but we want you to know that your visit with us will be much appreciated. We want to communicate our gratitude of having you join us as we enter into the worship of God and fellowship with one another, beginning now! You can expect a warm reception from a group of people who want to get to know you and serve you however we can. So don’t be surprised when you are encouraged to come back, and know that we mean it when we say it!

Expect to Worship

When we gather together, we have one goal, to worship God. He is the only reason we exist, and our worship of Him is intended to be as overwhelming as He is. That means that worship must be every time, all the time. We believe that every facet of our times together should be viewed as an act of worship, whether in our fellowship, our singing, praying, listening, learning, serving, whatever we do, we do in worship to Him.

We also believe that our worship is communicated in how we worship God. In other words, the Scripture lays out a pattern for our worship, and we show reverence to God as we adhere to those things clearly revealed. This means that we employ the hymns of faith that cause us to direct our gaze to God, we pray, we hear the Scripture read, we observe the ordinances given by God, and we listen to God’s Word as It is taught. Because some people want to know about style, ours could best be categorized as traditional in its approach, both in substance and style.

Expect to Hear

We understand that the real power that people need is the life-changing power of the God’s Word. You don’t really need to hear from us, you need to hear from God. We all do! So each Sunday, it is our intentional practice to make much of God, by making much of His Word. As we come together there will be a separate reading of Scripture apart from the sermon Text. We believe that God speaks through His Word, and so we all want to hear It!

When the pastor preaches you can expect to hear a sermon that takes a passage of Scripture and explains it thoroughly, some know this method by its name, expository or expositional preaching. We want to unpack everything that God has for us in each word, each line, each verse of Scripture. Our pastor’s commitment is to feed us spiritually each week by preaching through a book in the Bible or some other substantial passage. This way we see all that God intended to communicate in His giving of Scripture.

Expect Excellence

Because we represent God we strive for excellence in all that we do. We strive to do everything for the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31) in our service. We think that you will find that this extends to the our first class nursery where your child will be cared for and protected, our curriculums in the various Sunday Schools, the music that is played, the sermon that is given, and the cleanliness of the facility.  All these and more should testify to the worth of God as we strive to do it in excellence for Him.