Vision for Ministry

Any lasting vision, must center in the glory of God, because in the end, it will only be the glory of God that survives and matters. Our vision for ministry begins and ends here, in God, for His glory. All that we do must be driven by the desire to make much of Him, to reveal Him, to worship Him. Our vision to glorify God consists of:


Making Much of the Gospel

Because we believe the Gospel “is the power of God unto salvation” our vision is to apply it in every situation so that God is changing lives for His glory. The Gospel is alive and powerful to make us like Christ, in cleansing sin, shaping us, and building us. Our vision is to be Gospel-centered and Gospel proclaiming in our homes, our church, our community and among the nations.


Building People

We believe church growth occurs as the Spirit of God moves in the lives of His people and they are built up in Christ. Our vision is to be a family of believers that are constantly and genuinely being led into greater spiritual maturity because we have pursued Christ together. In short, we want to be a body of disciples, making disciples.


Deepening Worship

The goal of the Gospel’s work and the maturing of the body of Christ results in a deepening worship of God as we are grounded in Him through His Word. Our vision is to create more robust worshippers of a holy and glorious God.