It has been said, that, “no man is an island”.  In a culture that makes individualism a virtue and regards the destruction of all institutions as helpful, we believe that a Biblical understanding would be to embrace the good things that we have been handed.  We all bear the marks of influence and a heritage of some type, good or bad.  Churches are no different, we all come from a certain spiritual heritage or blend of heritages.  Colonial Bible Church is not affiliated with any denomination per se, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value the beliefs and values of those who have gone before us.

In that spirit, Colonial Bible Church gratefully acknowledges the roots of our historic Baptist heritage that anchor us to the Scripture through the paths of history. That’s what a good heritage does. It doesn’t set itself up to be worshiped, but rather leads us to Christ in order that we would rightly worship Him. We joyfully affirm the foundational tenets of Baptist theology as they have been handed down through generations.

We also give thanks for the heritage handed down from the Reformation, in which many of our Baptist forefathers played a pivotal role. The Reformation was a period of history that saw a reclamation and restoration of the most crucial doctrines in Scripture: the supremacy of God’s Word, salvation by God’s grace apart from any work, saving faith in Christ alone, all for the glory of God alone. While we may differ from certain streams that came out of the Reformation on particular matters, we believe the fundamental truths that brought a revival of the Gospel through this movement were and are precious to all believers.

We are unashamed to hold too, and proclaim those areas of our heritage that are rooted in the Scripture. So while history, heritage and tradition may be frowned upon in our current culture, we choose rather to give thanks to God for them as they have led us, by His Word, to where we are today.